APACER SSD 240GB 2.5" SATA3AS340 PANTHER;505MB/s read,410MB/s write

Original price was: 68,95 KM.Current price is: 64,95 KM.

APACER SSD 256GB 2.5" SATA3AS350 PANTHER;560MB/s read,540MB/s write

Original price was: 72,95 KM.Current price is: 68,95 KM.

APACER SSD 480GB 2.5" SATA3AS340 PANTHER550MB/s read,520MB/s write

Original price was: 108,95 KM.Current price is: 101,95 KM.

APACER SSD 512GB 2.5" SATA3AS350 PANTHER;560MB/s read,540MB/s write

Original price was: 112,95 KM.Current price is: 104,95 KM.

APACER SSD 512GB M.2. NVMe 1.3Gen3x4; R/W : 2100/1500 MB/s;

Original price was: 115,95 KM.Current price is: 108,95 KM.

ASUS TUF Gaming A1 enclosureUSB-C 3.2 Gen 2x1dual M.2 NVMeand SATA;IP68,PS5 and Xbox support

Original price was: 119,95 KM.Current price is: 111,95 KM.

Corsair SSD 1TB M.2 MP600Elite with heatsink, PCIeGen4x4, NVMe, 7,000/6,500MB/s

Original price was: 281,95 KM.Current price is: 260,95 KM.

Corsair SSD 1TB M.2 MP600Elite, PCIe Gen4x4NVMe, 7,000/6,500MB/s

Original price was: 284,95 KM.Current price is: 265,95 KM.

Corsair SSD 1TB M.2. MP600 CXTCore XT, PCIe Gen4x45,000/4.400MB/s

Original price was: 236,95 KM.Current price is: 220,95 KM.

Corsair SSD 1TB M.2. MP600 GSPCIe Gen4x4, 4,800/4,500MB/s

Original price was: 259,95 KM.Current price is: 242,95 KM.

Corsair SSD 1TB M.2. MP600PRO LPX, PCIe Gen4x47,100/6,800MB/s, PS5 compatible

Original price was: 289,95 KM.Current price is: 269,95 KM.

Corsair SSD 1TB Mini M.2 MP6002230, PCIe Gen 4x4, NVMe4,800/4,800MB/s

Original price was: 275,95 KM.Current price is: 255,95 KM.